About Us

Sunrise Elevator Co. Inc. was originally founded in 1985 and it was later incorporated in the state of Florida in 1988. We are an insured, certified, and licensed elevator company. We are active members of the Elevator Association of Florida, NAESA and EESF.

Company Mission

We are dedicated to bringing your custom designs and ideas alive within the guidelines of safety, code compliance, quality, and cost effectiveness.  Customer education, safety, service, and satisfaction are all priority one.

Our Philosophy

By employing a low overhead philosophy with medium to high volume services, Sunrise Elevator achieves the perfect blend of form and function to produce an outstanding service. Fred and Tina Slater turn customer’s problems into solutions.

We enjoy our direct approach and stable environment and our customers enjoy a personable relationship instead of being just another number.

Our service teams work diligently to deliver prompt, quality service to each & every customer.

Our customer loyalty is evident in that we have never allowed ourselves to grow too big or too fast to compromise our commitment to quality and personal service.