Elevator Modernization

As is with cars, elevators too wear out over time and become outdated as technology and designs change. Modernizations are performed to replace worn/obsolete parts and update the design and finish of the elevator. We at Sunrise Elevator have a long history of providing such modernizations and as such, have the expertise to tackle all residential equipment and any size project.

Improve efficiency and performance, increase safety, extend component life, save energy, improve the look, and more. Home elevator modernizations will keep your home’s elevator in optimum condition, increase appeal, and save money in the long run.

Lighting Improvements

Change the lighting and get more brightness for less. Rearrange it to better disburse the light and carry more aesthetic appeal. Add color to enhance the effects.

Interior Modernization

Replace old, bland walls with something new and modern. Add grab bars or increase the view. Whatever you need to be livened up, we got it covered!

Control Panel Innovations

Enhance operation and make it more convenient with newer control panel technology and beautiful illuminations.

Door Operations and Design

Switch out doors or change the movement or operation of the existing one. Add accessibility, a view, or choose a new color or design. Get walls that are easier to clean too!

Updating your elevator can make it run easier, perform better, and fix problems.